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Appeal To Reason

Remember the feeling of pride you had the first time you voted? Even after many trips to the election booth, people are still proud of their “I Voted” stickers. Maybe some of you have a childhood memory of a parent taking you with them to vote. My dad took me with him to vote in 1992 and I thought it was so cool; we could pick who would be President. He wouldn’t tell me who he voted for…he said, “It isn’t anyone’s business who you vote for.” Continue reading Appeal To Reason

Hello world!

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

-Almost Famous-

The idea of a thoroughly uncool person reviewing, opining, and waxing poetic on all the coolest forms of art made me instantly think of this quote.

I read a lot of music blogs and I noticed that they all use the same words about the same bands and make the same obscure references to bands/movies you probably don’t know. I saw the same “news” story coming across 20 different websites, reporting on reports of reports of reports, reposted from a 2 sentence interview done by someone who heard something that sounded like a story. Everything I post/review on here, be it music/movies/tv/art/food, will be my own take stemming from my own bias and belief. I love the raw energy of the Drive-By Truckers and I also think Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour is maybe the greatest tour of all time. I cry during La Bamba, I don’t really get what’s that great about The Godfather, and I’m the only person in the US that owns a copy of Norm Macdonald’s Dirty Work. Basically, I’m trying to say I don’t want to parrot what’s already been said. I hope I get to meet and interview bands as they come through town and ask them different questions than the ones they have perfectly scripted answers to. I hope my take on something makes you look at it a bit different. I also hope to always champion and improve the things I love. When a bad review is warranted, I will give it even-handedly and in earnest but with the intent to spur something better out of the artist(on the off chance that they see the write-up). Please send your recommendations of things coming through/from Dallas that I should check out and I’ll try to get them all worked in here. Please, also keep in mind, in the future I will use less run-on sentences, better grammar, paragraph breaks, and a number of basic English rules to make this much easier to read. So, with that, I will say goodbye and hello, and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.