Appeal To Reason

Remember the feeling of pride you had the first time you voted? Even after many trips to the election booth, people are still proud of their “I Voted” stickers. Maybe some of you have a childhood memory of a parent taking you with them to vote. My dad took me with him to vote in 1992 and I thought it was so cool; we could pick who would be President. He wouldn’t tell me who he voted for…he said, “It isn’t anyone’s business who you vote for.”

Fast-Forward to 2016. While there are still some remaining shreds of dignity in the voting process, for the most part, the pride of exercising your right to vote has been replaced with a bloodthirsty need to defeat an opponent. Gang mentality has taken over where rational debate used to exist.

Disappointing is the word I would use to describe this political season. Our two main party candidates are disappointing. It’s disappointing that people wanting to vote outside the two party system are being belittled by both sides. It’s disappointing that corruption is rampant to the point of the Democrat party sabotaging their own candidates. It’s disappointing that the Republican party has been reduced to a platform of mean-spirited buffoonery. It’s disappointing that so-called “Christians” have traded religion for politics and fame – writing articles and preaching from the pulpits as to why God has told them that Trump is the anointed one. It’s disappointing that we are all so quick to re-post fake news on the internet just because it aligns with what we think our views are.

Voting and the voting process should look nothing like disappointment. Voting should be an incredible reminder of what a great nation we live in and how lucky we are to have been born here.

Be who you are. Educate yourself. Vote for what you truly believe in. Don’t be pushed around. Work hand in hand with people you don’t agree with. Create something better for the future. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE HARD.

here is a song I wrote about wishing we could do just a little bit better.

Appeal To Reason

Appeal to reason and common sense,
If there’s anything decent anything good left.
Keep emotion in check and your brain in control,
If you’re voting with your wallet then you’re selling your soul.
It should hurt, it should hurt, it should hurt to see –
Because they used to be leaders and intelligent men,
They seemed too proud to break but, man, they’re happy to bend,
As long as it provides a cushy life,
And keeps their pockets lined for their model wives.
They keep bringing the broken down.

Disappointed with our choices,
Everyone loves a good laugh ‘til you find out the joke’s been played on you.

I’m just a man with a little truth,
I’ve got a little bit of power in a polling booth.
You had every intention before you fell asleep,
Now the line’s around the building and we’re out in the streets,
And you hope cooler heads prevail.
It’s a robbery, a rape, and a murder!
Look at where we are, man, we couldn’t be further,
From where we started from and what we used to believe,
We’re so wrapped up in ourselves and we’re so quickly deceived.
If you can’t be honest, then don’t say nothing,
Remember when we used to stand from something good?

Disappointed with our choices,
Everyone loves a good laugh ‘til you find out the joke’s been played on you.