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Benjamin Booker @ Three Links, Dallas, TX 10/3/14


“I can’t guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet…” -Marty McFly-

The lights were dimmed when Benjamin Booker took the stage. The crowd cheered. As the room lit up, so did he. Booker smiled as he strapped on his guitar – the last time he appeared human while on stage. The moment he began to play, he turned into a wolf; a man possessed with singular focus and a handful of demons. The crowd stood with mouths agape, trying to make sense of the beautiful cacophony on stage. Continue reading Benjamin Booker @ Three Links, Dallas, TX 10/3/14

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires @ Club Dada, Dallas, TX 9/29/14


The common Southern fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, can carry, on average, twenty times its body weight. Twenty times a fire ant’s body weight might only be a bread crumb or a leaf but twenty times the weight is still impressive. In Dallas last night, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (hereafter abbreviated as TGF(when it feels right)), were ferocious as southern fire ants. Four guys commanded and lifted a room that was heavier than they were…and they made it look easy. Continue reading Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires @ Club Dada, Dallas, TX 9/29/14

Strand of Oaks @ Three Links, Dallas, TX 9/7/14


My buddy turned to me and said, “They’re playing ‘JM,’ they’re about to tear it up.” Plenty of bands have anthems, songs they’re known for, but most don’t have clear-cut burners that take their time absolutely bringing the place down.Off the top of my head I can name three: Weezer – Only In Dreams, Sigur Ros – #8, and Lynyrd Skynyrd- Freebird. Tonight, I saw Strand of Oaks play ‘JM’ and burn down Dallas TX. Continue reading Strand of Oaks @ Three Links, Dallas, TX 9/7/14

Movie Review: Frank


Frank – Official Trailer (YouTube)

I happened to see the trailer for a movie I had never heard of, called Frank, at 8:45AM this Saturday morning. Within five minutes of seeing the preview, I found that the Angelika Theater at Mockingbird Station was the only place in Dallas showing this wonderfully bizarre looking movie, and by 10:20AM, I was sitting in a dark room with about twelve other people, waiting to see just what this giant paper-mache head had in store for us. Continue reading Movie Review: Frank

Review: Benjamin Booker – S/T


Resist the urge to compare Benjamin Booker to (insert band name here). Yes, traces of the music that Booker listened to growing up can be easily identified but those traces amount to nothing more than a few pieces of a much more interesting puzzle. At the same time that his self-titled debut album is blues, punk, rock, and soul, it’s also none of the above. Benjamin Booker did what all great artists try to do, he made a record that captured “himself.” Continue reading Review: Benjamin Booker – S/T

NIN/Soundgarden – Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas, TX, 8/17/14

Nine Inch Nails/Soundgarden – Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas, TX 8/17/14

NEVER underestimate old man strength or judge a book by its cover.


(because I showed up as Soundgarden was taking the stage, I shall forego reviewing/making up words about the opening band Cold Cave and just assume they were consummate professionals and a perfect opening act)

My friend had heard on the radio this week that Soundgarden was not worth seeing live, they were old and washed up, save your money. I told my friend to immediately get a ticket. Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden is a concert bill that shouldn’t even exist. They’ve been friendly enemies for years and both bands are far past their popular prime. So why bother going out to Fair Park to see them? The simple answer is history and the future. Continue reading NIN/Soundgarden – Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas, TX, 8/17/14